Should People Be Told What They’re Doing Wrong?

Its the age-old dilemma. You see a beginner squatting for the first time. They load up 10 pounds on each side. You have hope that this is just a warm-up and they will work up to 2 plates. But you are mistaken. You look on with horror as they set the safety bars too high, rest the bar on their neck, go down with bent back form, and sit in a posture with their knees 6 inches past their shoes. Obviously if someone doesn’t step in, this guy is taking a trip to snap city. But should that be you?img_20160405_172420

It’s typically seen as rude to approach someone to give them advice but why is this so? You are the alpha at the gym. You’ve been coming here since before this guy was even born and he comes in messing with your equipment? The best way to handle this is to give him some much needed advice. He may not have asked for it, but its what he deserved.


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